Australian Embassy
Peru, Bolivia

Development Cooperation

Direct Aid Program DAP

Round 2019-2020 – Lima

The Embassy of Australia is pleased to announce the opening of the Direct Aid Program (DAP) 2019-2020 round. DAP is a program of competitive funds for development projects implemented in Peru and Bolivia; it is open to civil society organizations, multilateral and governmental organizations.

The objective of DAP is to fund small-scale development projects that have a participatory nature and that will generate tangible and sustainable results over time.

Proposals should focus on at least one of the following areas:

   i.   Inclusive economic growth, through market access and the promotion of tourism.

   ii.   Participative education (particularly for women and girls; fostering science, technology and innovation.).

   iii.   Community development through sports, water management, infrastructure and environment protection.

   iv.   Improving inclusion and protection of vulnerable groups, particularly women, children and people with disabilities.

Candidates may apply for amounts from AUD 5,000 up to AUD 20,000 (Australian dollars). The projects must have a duration of up to 18 months and must be completed by June 2021 at the latest, taking into account that the funds are disbursed around the month of December. Candidates may request DAP funds as part of initiatives that are already being implemented or in partnership with other funding sources. Projects requesting an unjustified budget will not be considered.

Each organisation can present a maximum of two proposals. The selected projects must submit a final report at the end of the implementation period, if the project has a duration longer than 12 months they must submit a progress report as well. Representatives of the Australian Embassy will visit the selected projects at least once during their implementation; it is expected that Embassy officials will visit the projects whenever they are in the region, even after the projects have been concluded.

DAP will not fund the following activities:

a. loan programs managed by governments or organizations

b. microcredit schemes or any other financial project of this nature.

c. international trips as part of the project

d. recurrent expenses such as rentals and services; maintenance, arrangements and the purchase of goods such as property or vehicles.

e. commercial projects

f. excessive administration costs, salaries, per diem or fees

g. costs not directly associated with the project.

Requirements and selection criteria:

The DAP Committee will receive Expressions of Interest (EOI) from July 17, 2019, until August 11, 2019. EOIs will not be evaluated if:

- they do not correspond to the format provided

- the requested amount is larger than AUD 20,000

- they are delivered after the final date of receipt, or

- exceed the limit of two pages.

Selection criteria:

1. Positive impact on the beneficiaries.

2. Focus on thematic areas (see listing above)

3. Tangible and measurable results of the project; and sustainable in the short and medium term.

4. Experience and reliability of the applicant organization (references, reputation, previous experience, etc.)

5. Opportunities to publicly promote the project (media, publications, materials, etc.)

6. Efficiency: maximization of DAP funds

7. Effectiveness: ability to achieve the proposed results through the planned activities.


The NEW schedule for the selection process is as follows:



17 July 2019-11 August 2019

Reception of Expressions of Interest (EoIs)

Formato en español

Form English 

25 September 2019

Invitation and reception of full applications*


Announcement of selected proposals









EoIs can be presented in English or Spanish

*The Committee will only contact selected candidates. If you are not contacted by the indicated date, this means your EoI was not selected for the next stage of the process.


You can visit our Facebook page (Australia en Peru y Bolivia) and/or our Instagram (@embauslima) to learn more about our previous projects funded through DAP.