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We've just issued a new bulletin on the Zika virus – it’s relevant to all travellers, especially pregnant women, who are going to South and Central America (including Bolivia), the Caribbean, or to Samoa in the Pacific. This mosquito-borne disease doesn't have a vaccine. It could be particularly harmful to the unborn babies of pregnant women, though further studies are being done on causal links. Best protection for all is to avoid getting bitten. And taking a really cautious approach (and until more is known), pregnant women should consider postponing travel to any of the 22 countries of concern or speak to a doctor first.


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NEW Smartraveller website:

New features include:
• A Smartraveller app compatible across both Android and iPhone devices and free to download from 1 November 2015 from Google Play and iTunes.
• The Smartraveller registration system is now easier to use, with automatic corrections, a more intuitive layout and the ability to add travel companions. Travellers will be able to edit their own profiles by early 2016.
• An updated Smartraveller logo.

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